Quick-Connect Attachments for Ventrac Tractors

Powerful Residential and Commercial Landscape Equipment

Ventrac offers a complete line of quick-connect attachments to put your 3000 and 4000 series tractors to use throughout the seasons in and around Morgantown, WV, for all of your residential and commercial landscape maintenance needs. Make the most of your Ventrac equipment with well-designed, powerful attachments designed with the same reliability and attention to detail as your Ventrac tractor.

Powerful Snow & Leaf Blowers and Plow & Dozer Blades

Snow & Debris Removal Attachments

Snowplow & Dozer Blades: Powerful, angled dully adjustable blades are available in 48”, 60”, and 72” widths; Ideal for grading, backfilling, plowing, leveling, moving materials, and clearing areas

Leaf & Material Blowers: Power blowers deliver consistent air flow to efficiently remove leaves, light snow, water, and more; 180° rotational capability allows multi-directional operation without hindering performance

Power Brooms: Sweep and remove dirt, leaves, snow, light gravel, and thatch with ease; Corner-less design enables thorough cleaning of curbs and can be angled left or right with adjustable speed and direction

Snow Blowers: Superior residential and commercial snow removal for sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots; Moves up to 4,500 lbs. of snow per minute up to 40 ft. away from machine; 220° chute rotation with 16” diameter auger and 20” diameter fan

Turbine-Style Blowers: Powerful and quiet front discharge nozzle with 360° rotation easily moves huge quantities of leaves, debris, and light snow from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and other areas

V-Blade Snow Plows: Quickly adjusts from V plow to straight plow blade for maximum efficiency; Ideal solution for narrow walkways

Efficient Trenchers, Power Lift Buckets, Tillers, & Landscape Rakes

Soil & Site Preparation Attachments

Landscape Rakes: Prepare soil, remove rocks, debris, and level ground with ease with this easy to operate, multi-directional, front-mounted unit; Designed to minimize compaction and maximize efficiency

Power Lift Buckets: Easily transport materials such as soil, gravel, mulch, sand, snow, debris, and more; Ideal for excavation, landscaping, grading, and back-filling

Tillers: Make quick work of garden and yard preparation with these power-driven units; Includes storage stand

Trenchers: Trench to depths of up to 40” and 5.5” wide per pass; Carbide cutting tips and bolt-on digging teeth for easy replacement

VERSA-Loaders: Multi-tasking attachment includes 5 cubit ft. bucket to easily lift 500 lbs. over 6 ft. high; Quick-connect feature enables fast changeout of attachments

Aerators & Contour Deck, Reel, Tough Cut Brush, Field, and Finish Mowers

Turf & Grass Maintenance Attachments

AERA-Vators: Stir and loosen the soil beneath your sod without destroying the turf with this speed-regulated aerator capable of placing eight holes per foot; Compatible with the Ventrac Mount System

Aerators: Comprehensive turf grass aerator cores, slices, and fractures to improve air exchange, nutrient and water uptake, and reduce runoff

Contour Deck Mowers: With an 83” working width and three independently floating decks, make quick work of your mowing project with up to 40° motion for each side deck; Full rear rollers for cutting and striping, rear discharge, and flip-up deck

Field Mowers: Heavy grass and small brush are no match for the two powerful counter-rotating blades and suspended front chains; Adjustable cutting height; Swivel tire reduces tree branch interference (optional tree shield kit available for tree farms)

Finish Mowers: High efficiency, lightweight mower with a cutting width of 52” or 60” for a high-quality cut; Can be stored nearly vertical

Rear Discharge Mowers: Achieve exceptional, efficient left and right side trimming for lawns and parks with a 52” cutting width

Reel Mowers: All-wheel performance and 74” cut width with variable speed hydraulics, offset capability, and back lapping valves

Tough Cut Mowers: Easily handle thick weeds, high grass, heavy brush, and saplings up to 1” in diameter

Vacuum Collection Systems: Collect grass and leaves efficiently with this combination suction/blower system; Hose included for use around bedding plants; Collection bin lifts up to five ft. to dump contents

Ballpark Groomers & Renovators, Edgers, Stump Grinders, & Sod Cutters

Specialty Attachments

Ballpark Groomers/Renovators: The perfect solution for ballpark soil preparation, mowing, and cleanup

Edgers: Edge cart paths, sidewalks, hard ground and curbs with ease; Left or right side edging; Maintain mulch and flower beds

Sod Cutters: Cleanly cut sod for walkways, flower beds, and lawns; 24” knife cuts from 0” to 2.5” depth; Shave dirt for site preparation and irrigation trenching

Stump Grinders: Quickly eliminate the toughest stumps and roots in tight spaces; Powerful side-to-side cutting action; Hydrostatic forward and reverse function

Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, for more information about available Ventrac attachments and features, or to place your order: (304) 777-2194.