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The Solution for Safely Mowing Steep Slopes & Hills

Mowing hillsides and slopes can be extremely dangerous. Ventrac is your solution to this problem. Our Ventrac products are world-renowned for their safety and stability on steep slopes. Ventrac tractors are nearly impossible to roll over. They are all wheel drive and come equipped with downhill brakes. Their wide stance increases safety and stability on hillsides. When these tractors are faced with uneven terrain, their frame will pivot in the center to keep contact with the ground at all times.

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Powerful, Efficient Sidewalk Snow Removal by Ventrac

If you are in need of a snow removal solution, then Ventrac has got you covered. Their compact size and light weight makes them perfect for sidewalks. They reduce the damage done to landscaping that bigger equipment causes. They have the ability to make tighter turns and offer much better visibility. With their heated cabs, you can stay warm and dry. If you are clearing light to medium snowfalls, their power broom can quickly clear a path. Ventrac’s snowblowers have the ability to move up to 4,500 pounds of snow.

Heavy-Duty Brush Mowing and Removal

If you are facing a tough brush mowing job, you need tough equipment to handle the job. Ventrac’s brush clearing ability is unsurpassed. With its sharp, counter rotating, dual-sided blades, materials such as weeds, brambles, high grass, thorn bushes, and saplings up to 1” in diameter are no match for the Ventrac system. The heavy-duty deck and cast iron spindles are designed to provide many years of reliable brush removal. Whether you are clearing native areas, paths, trailblazing, or performing regular brush maintenance, Ventrac is the only manufacturer worth considering.

Remove and Mulch Huge Amounts of Leaves Quickly

Leaf removal does not have to be a long, tedious chore. Ventrac offers a complete line of powerful and highly efficient options to quickly eliminate huge amounts of leaves. Turn them into mulch that you can use as fertilizer the following spring with the available mulching attachment. Ventrac’s powerful turbine-style leaf blower clears huge areas quickly, and the blowing direction is easily controlled with the 180° hydraulic control system. If you would like a professional finish, Ventrac’s Vacuum Collection System quickly removes the leaves from your lawn for a crisp, clean finish.

One Tractor Can Do It All: Mowing, Brush Clearing, Leaf & Snow Removal

Whether you are mowing hillsides and slopes, clearing brush, removing leaves, or doing snow removal, Ventrac equipment is your ideal solution for these tasks. One tractor can do it all! Attachments are easy to connect and remove. Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, to learn how Ventrac’s high-quality tractors and attachments can streamline your property maintenance needs and make your life easier: (304) 777-2194.


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