Ventrac SSV


The Ventrac SSV is your one-pass snow removal and de-icing machine, engineered to be a system that can handle any winter storm. The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle is a refined and durable option for those zero-tolerance accounts, making it easy to manage snow and ice on sidewalks when you need it most.

The SSV allows for further reduction of hand labor and walk-behind equipment than ever before. With stand-on 4×4 skid steer operation, the SSV has a 36” working width that allows you to travel miles of sidewalk in a fraction of the time, furthering the reduction of hand labor and walk-behind equipment. With a full line-up of commercial quality snow removal attachments and de-icing options, the SSV is sure to be a game-changer for you this winter season.

Specifications 39.61102 39.61100
Sales Model 2120M 2100C
Full Description NT, 2120M SSV 23HP NT, 2100C SSV Kawasaki FS600V
Product Type Tractor Tractor
Engine Manufacturer Vanguard Kawasaki
Horsepower 23 hp 1812 hp
Peak Torque 32 @3000rpm 3212 @2200rpm
Engine Disp. 627 cc 603 cc
Num. of Cylinders 2 2
Fuel Capacity 3.3 gal 3.3 gal
Fuel Type Gas Gas
Drive System
Drive AWD All Wheel Drive
Travel Speed 8 mph 8 mph, 5 mph reverse
Overall Height 55 in 55 in
Overall Length 67 in 67 in
Overall Width 34 in 34 in
Weight 970 lbs 970 lbs
Wheelbase 28 in 28 in