About the Owner

Sunset Supply Company:
Your Reliable Machinery Supplier Since 2003

About Barry Frey, Owner of Sunset Outdoor Supply
in Monongalia County, WV

Barry Frey, owner and operator of Sunset Supply Company, is very passionate about his business and dedicated to his customers. He has repeatedly stated that he knows what it is like to run and rely on machinery and equipment to operate a business. Barry’s experience and knowledge is extensive on what equipment is needed to get the job done. He prides himself on offering the very best machinery and service to his clients.

Tractors and Snowplows Made in the USA

All the tractors, snowplows, equipment, parts, and accessories Barry sells are made in the USA. He has so much experience and knowledge when it comes to this type of machinery because he has continued to use it himself over the years. He knows using the right equipment for each job is extremely important, and he has the knowledge to find the right equipment for you.

Ventrac: The Secret to a Successful Business

Barry grew up working with his father in the lumber business. Later on, he started his own company, Frey Tree Specialist and Landscaping, Inc. He ran this business for 28 years. Barry was first introduced to Ventrac when he was working in tree service and landscaping. Some of the equipment he used impressed him so much that he decided to pass the business and company he created on to his son and become a Ventrac and other equipment lines dealer. After all, this equipment is the secret to what helped make his business so successful in the first place.

Snow and Ice Removal in Morgantown, WV

For over 13 years, since 2003, Barry has been working in the snow and ice treatment and removal business, as well. He holds major contracts in the Morgantown Area. He even owns and operates Sunset Beach Marina at Cheat Lake in Morgantown, WV. To put Barry’s knowledge and experience to work for you, and for help finding you the right equipment to get the job done, give him a call today at (304) 777-2194.