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Pick Up and Delivery Available -Low Prices and Reliable Service!

Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, is currently offering low prices on quality bagged rock salt. Stop by to pick up your order or contact us to schedule delivery with our reliable service personnel. Delivery fees vary according to mileage. Full pallets are available by pre-order or on an as available basis. Contact us for more information or to place your order at: (304) 777-2194.

Nature’s Best™ Liquid-to-Granular Ice Melt

Chloride Ice Melt Safe for Concrete Sidewalks, Pets, Metal, and Plants

Concrete sidewalks require special winter care. If you plan to de-ice an area where pets will walk, or that is in close proximity to metals, plants, grass, or other vegetation, the type of ice melt you choose matters. For highly effective and safe ice elimination to 0°F and beyond, Sunset Outdoor Supply offers Nature’s Best™ fine blue liquid-to-granular ice melt. This advanced formula consists of natural calcium, sodium, and potassium chlorides encapsulated within liquid magnesium chloride for high performance and lasting results.

Nature’s Best™ Liquid-to-Granular Ice Melt 50-lb. Bag: $10.00

Ice Away Rock Salt

Economy Bagged Rock Salt

The proven performance of our effective, economical rock salt has made it a staple for customers throughout our service area. Packaged in sealed waterproof plastic bags, each contains 50 pounds of pure, 100% sodium chloride. This product is the ideal option for most applications in temperatures down to 5°F.

Ice Away Rock Salt 50-lb. Bag: $5.25


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