Leaf Management

Complete Residential and Commercial
Leaf Management in One Tractor

Easy to Use Leaf Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher, and Debris Containment System

Ventrac is the professional choice for all of your residential and commercial leaf management needs. One tractor offers complete leaf and debris clean-up and containment in an easy-to-use system specifically designed to simplify your fall yard waste management needs. With the intuitively designed Ventrac system, attachments mount quickly and give you all the power necessary to move, collect, and mulch leaves at your fingertips.

The Ventrac Hydraulic Leaf Blower for Estates & Parks

The large, powerful turbine-style blower is the ideal tool for moving massive quantities of air to make clearing acres of land fast and simple. The hydraulic blowers rotate right or left 180° for exceptional control to blow your leaves right where you want them. With only one engine to maintain for the entire Ventrac system, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your leaf blower will work this year. Whether you have a park or large estate, fall leaf management could not be easier! Leave your rake in your shed, and put Ventrac to work.

Thorough Fall Leaf Clean-up with Ventrac’s Vacuum Collection System

For professional landscape management and a sharp appearance, leave nothing behind with Ventrac’s Vacuum Collection System. The system quickly and thoroughly picks up the leaves that conceal your yard. When the leaves are collected in the large containment bin, use the hydraulic lift to hoist the bin up to five feet into your truck, trailer, or onto your compost pile for disposal.

Mulch, Mow & Collect Leaves on Large Properties

For areas where you cannot drive your Ventrac, or around sensitive or hard-to-reach areas such as flower beds, steps, hedges, and rock gardens, use the hand-held quick-connect vacuum hose for fast and easy leaf removal. When you combine the RV602 Vacuum Collection System with your Ventrac mower deck, you can easily handle mowing and leaf collection at the same time. A mulching kit is available, as well, to decrease the amount of lawn fertilizer required in the spring. This system is the optimal solution for handling leaf removal for large properties.

Request a FREE Ventrac Demonstration

Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, to request a demonstration of the Ventrac leaf management system. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. Let us show you how fast and easy fall leaf maintenance for your large estate or commercial property can be. To place your order by phone, call Barry Frey at: (304) 777-2194.