Superior Vineyard Property Maintenance Equipment

Compact Maneuverable “One Tractor Solution” for Uneven Slopes & Terrain

Ventrac offers superior equipment to help keep your vineyard and property looking exceptional, as well as easy to navigate. Vineyard management is labor intensive by nature, but it does not have to be so challenging. Wayward vines, debris, and overgrowth are no match for the compact Ventrac tractor and its more than 30 quick-connect attachments. Slice through heavy undergrowth, brush, and even saplings of up to 1” in diameter with ease. Mow uneven terrain, steep hills with slopes and inclines between your trellises more safely.

The Ideal Tractor for Vineyard Preparation and Maintenance

All Ventrac equipment was designed by professionals with safety in mind. For exceptional visibility when traveling and working between your vineyard’s rows and trellises, attachments mount at the front of this compact but powerful commercial-grade tractor. Its low, stable profile, all-wheel drive, high-traction tires, and fully articulating and oscillating construction make it the ideal tractor for routine vineyard maintenance, as well as clearing ground of heavy brush and preparing virgin ground for operational expansion.

Winemakers Across the U.S. Rely on Ventrac for Power and Reliability

Vineyard maintenance crews and winemakers across the United States rely on Ventrac’s power and reliability to maximize efficiency and achieve an elite, attractive appearance to be proud of. There is nothing more satisfying than looking out over your well-maintained vineyard –and knowing that you accomplished your maintenance in much less time with Ventrac!

If You Want the Best Vineyard and Wine, Choose Ventrac

“I would highly recommend Ventrac to anyone of any vineyard or anyone in the tourist business who really wants to keep their place looking spectacular. If you want to keep up with the best, you might as well buy the best . . . and I think Ventrac is probably the best there is.”

-Duke Bixler
Owner & Founder of Award-Winning Breitenbach Wine Cellars, OH

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We Serve Customers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

Sunset Outdoor Supply is your dedicated Ventrac tractor and accessories sales and service dealer in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Vineyard Owners and winemakers may contact Barry Frey to learn more about how choosing the Ventrac system can improve the productivity and efficiency of your operation, request an on-site demonstration, or place your order: (304) 777-2194.