Ventrac Snow Blowers are built for commercial snow clearing operations of sidewalks, driveways, and other areas. Available in width options of 48″ and 52″, these two stage snow blowers feature a 16″ diameter solid auger for best snow transfer, a large 20″ diameter fan, and the ability to launch snow at distances up to 40 feet.

Standard features include adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs at the rear, high carbon hardened steel shoes at the side, and a reversible high carbon hardened steel cutting edge.

The hydraulically activated discharge chute can rotate 180 degrees, all from the convenience of the operator’s seat, using Ventrac’s exclusive S.D.L.A. control system. Chute deflection is manually adjustable and an electric chute deflection controller is optional.

Specifications 39.55427 39.55428
Sales Model KX523 KX480
Full Description KX, KX523 52″ SNOWBLOWER KX, KX480 48″ SNOWBLOWER
Product Type Attachment Attachment
Front Mount Ventrac Mount System Ventrac Mount System
4000 Series Mount standard standard
Length 49 in 49 in
Overall Width 52 in 48 in
Width with Wings 5234 in 4834 in
Height 5612 in 5612 in
Weight 517 490 lbs
Crated Weight 625 lbs
Operating Width 52 in 48 in
Snow Capacity 4500 lbs/min 4000 lbs/min
Blowing Distance 35-40 ft Approx 35-40 ft Approx
Chute Rotation 180 ° 180 °
Cutting Height 2612 in (no aux. auger) 2612 in (no aux. auger)
Auger Diameter 16 in 16 in
Main Auger RPM 197 RPM 197 RPM
Directional Control Hydraulic Hydraulic
Fan Diameter 1912 in 1912 in
Fan RPM 790 RPM 790 RPM