Slope Mowing

Ventrac Is Your Slope Mowing Solution
for the Hills of West Virginia!

The wonderful hills of our beautiful state of West Virginia make our home one of the most picturesque and scenic travel destinations for visitors. However, mowing and maintaining these hills and slopes pose specials challenges and dangers that ordinary riding lawnmowers simply cannot safely handle. Ventrac offers the ideal solution for mowing even extremely sloped terrain, steep hills and inclines no other tractor can handle.

Mow Your Hilly, Sloped Landscape With the Efficient, Safer Operation

Ventrac offers many benefits for sloped terrain mowing. This equipment has been thoroughly tested to handle your mowing and thick brush removal needs more safely. It efficiently tackles a variety of applications for residential and commercial landscapes including parks, schools, playgrounds, retention ponds, and much more. With Ventrac, you can easily groom your hilly and sloped landscape (including heavy brush) for an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a significantly decreased risk of rollover during operation.

Why is Ventrac Safer to Mow Steeply Sloped Hills?

At Sunset Outdoor Supply, one of the most common questions we hear is “Why is Ventrac a safer option for mowing and clearing brush from my steeply sloped hills?” There are several important safety features included in the design of the Ventrac mowing tractor that make it your best option for steep landscape maintenance. The integrated weight transfer system ensures that forces are leveraged to apply ground force where needed to significantly increase front tire traction, braking, and provide improved resistance to sliding sideways on slopes. Its low center of gravity and wide stance help ensure the best stability, and the fully articulating independent front and rear frames helps the tires maintain consistent contact with the ground.

A Mower With a Wide Stance, Low Center of Gravity, and Full Ground Contact

Safe mowing on steep ground surfaces requires three main components: a wide stance, full ground contact, and a low center of gravity. Ventrac offer all three, plus additional features to protect you while cutting grass, and even heavy brush, on hilly terrain, steep slopes, and inclines. Ventrac is well-known as the preferred mower for confidently handling landscaping operations on hilly terrain that other mowers simply cannot accomplish.

Downhill Traction Control, Hydrostatic Brakes in a Ground-Hugging Design

The all-wheel hydrostatic drive is always on, maximizing performance and traction control. This system ensures responsive braking to slow down and maintain a safe operating speed while mowing downhill. Increase the wide stance of your Ventrac tractor even further with wheel extensions or the dual wheel option for superior handling. Ventrac mowers are designed with a compact, ground-hugging frame to give the unit the lowest possible effective center of gravity to provide superior stability. When operating on uneven terrain, the frame pivots in the center to enable exceptional ground contact and weight distribution.

Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, offers demonstrations of the Ventrac in action. Stop by and see us, or contact us to schedule a demonstration at your location and discover how much easier mowing your sloped terrain can be. For details, or to place your order, call Barry Frey at: (304) 777-2194.