Brush Mowing

Total Brush Annihilation:
Fast and Easy Ground Clearing

Cut Through Thick Weeds, Brush, High Grass, & Saplings With Ease

Do you have a large park, campground, commercial property, or estate to maintain? Ventrac designed its powerful, complete tractor and quick-connect attachment system for people just like you to help eliminate the time and effort required to achieve a well-maintained property. With over 30 attachments, Ventrac has all of your property maintenance needs covered –even heavy brush mowing!

Powerful, Heavy-Duty Poison Ivy, Thorn Bush, and High Weed Removal

Our customers enjoy the time-saving convenience of being able to quickly cut through overgrown, high grass, thick fibrous weeds, brush, thorn bushes, and even small saplings of up to 1” in diameter. This machine is truly remarkable. Whether you have weeds over six feet tall, a wet creek bed full of poison ivy, overgrown thorn bushes, or other difficult vegetation issues, you can rely on Ventrac to provide the power required in a heavy-duty, innovative design that enables you to complete the job and get on with your life. We invite you to experience the ease of clearing your ground from the comfort of a Ventrac tractor.

Take Control of Your Free Time With Efficient Brush Removal

Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown is excited to offer customers throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland the ability to take control of their brush removal needs with professional-grade efficiency. Our customers enjoy the efficiency with which they are able to clear briars, thorny and semi-woody growth, invasive plants, and a wide variety of nuisance growths, even on steep hills, slopes and inclines. No other machine is capable of accomplishing complete grounds management on steep, uneven terrain like Ventrac.

Request a FREE Ventrac Demonstration

Take back your free time and start living your life. Contact Barry Frey for a complimentary demonstration at our location. If you prefer, we will bring the equipment to you to show you how quickly the Ventrac tractor can handle your property maintenance needs. Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply at: (304) 777-2194.