Boss Ice Control Spreaders

Powerful Truck Tailgate Salt Spreaders

Compact, easy to install TGS Spreaders from Boss make quick work of small to medium-sized deicing jobs. With a low profile and covered hopper, they make an ideal spreader for many trucks. A high-torque 12V electric motor is included, as well as a bag splitter, top screen, adjustable gate feed, and deflector. A standard two-year limited warranty is provided, as well.

VBX Spreader
Choose from several models and sizes of corrosion-resistant truck insert hoppers with many options including auger or pintle chain feeds, electric lights, controls, powerful motors, and the ability to handle a variety of deicing materials.

Forge 2.0
A superior stainless steel hopper spreader with the same power and reliability as Boss’s VBX spreader line. Solidly constructed of high-grade, heavy-duty steel, the Forge 2.0 can be welded, riveted, and bolted as necessary for maximum possible lifespan. The two cubic yard capacity easily accommodates the needs of our customers with standard pick-up truck beds.

Boss QuickCube™ Spreader

This system of stackable cubes hooks up quickly to your equipment. Boss QuickCube enables you to dramatically increase your response time. Each cube can be pre-filled with ~1,000 pounds of salt. This may allow you to avoid maintaining separate storage areas on your property.

Walk Behind Boss Manual Salt Spreaders

Walk-Behind Spreader
Choose the Boss 80 or 100-pound Poly Walk-Behind Spreader as your economical solution for sidewalk salt and ice melt application. The steel frame and hardware with adjustable pattern distribution enables rapid dispersal of traction and de-icing materials where you need them most.

Stainless Steel Walk-Behind Spreader
Boss’s heavy-duty stainless-steel frame and hopper system can handle 100 pounds of salt with ease. Edge control and a conical auger help minimize clumping for maximum efficiency and reliability.

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