Efficient Aeration for Commercial
Properties and Large Estates

Ventrac: Professional Lawn Maintenance Made Easy

Aeration is a critical aspect of your comprehensive lawn maintenance program. Although often overlooked due to the time typically involved to complete this important lawn maintenance task, it remains essential for achieving a professional appearance for your landscape. Ventrac manufactures a selection of high-quality aeration attachments that enable you to complete your aeration project fast and easy, and with exceptional results. Bring new vitality and a fresh appearance to your lawn today!

Complete Heavy-Duty Aeration Solution

Ventrac is your complete aeration solution. The heavy-duty vibrating aeration tines place nine holes per square foot to ensure adequate water and oxygen penetration. In addition, the rotary bar vibrates to help loosen the soil and roots to alleviate issues related to compaction. Three aerating heads are available, as well. Whether your lawn needs cored, sliced, or fractured, Ventrac has you covered.

Seed Your Lawn While You Aerate for Increased Germination

Save time and money by reseeding while you aerate. The Aera-Vator can be equipped with the optional Gandy Seeder to enable you to plant new grass seed during the aeration process. Germination rates are improved when grass seeds are planted during aeration. Our customers have seen exceptional results including healthier, thicker, and lusher lawns with this method.

Aerate on Steep Slopes and Near Wet Ground

Hilly and rolling terrain is no barrier for the Ventrac AWD compact utility 4500 tractor. It handles slopes, steep inclines, and rough areas with ease. A wide variety of turf conditions are no match for Ventrac. Many areas with wet patches or located near creeks and springs can be aerated with efficiency due to Ventrac’s wide stance and increased stability.

One Tractor for All of Your Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

One Ventrac tractor can handle all of your seasonal landscape maintenance needs. From mowing, leaf management, heavy brush removal, snow and ice control, aeration, and so much more, Ventrac handles it all with ease. Save thousands of dollars by purchasing the Ventrac 4500 and the high-quality attachments you need for your particular applications.

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