Poultry Farms

Ventrac Agricultural Machinery in Morgantown, WV

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Poultry, Dairy, and Horse Farm Operation

Ventrac is a valuable asset for poultry, dairy, and horse farms, as well as agricultural operations of all sizes. With its compact size and powerful performance, Ventrac simplifies routine chores in and around your farm. From cleaning out soiled litter and bedding and laying fresh material, to blowing out debris from crevices and hard-to-reach areas and squeegeeing the floors of your buildings, the Ventrac system provides the tools to handle barn cycling and waste removal with maximum efficiency.

The “One Tractor Solution” for Your Most Tedious Farm Tasks

Farmers around the country are discovering the many significant benefits of employing Ventrac throughout daily and seasonal farm operations. This “One Tractor Solution” is there to assist you with many of your most tedious tasks such as cleaning, moving materials, scraping floors, and maneuvering in tight quarters. Poles, corners, and other obstructions are not a problem for the Ventrac. Its all-wheel drive, superior traction, and dual articulating frame enable advanced maneuverability and reliable stability even on uneven terrain and steep slopes.

Time and Labor-Saving Poultry Coop Cleaning Blades, Brooms, and Accessories

For thorough coop cleaning, Ventrac is the ideal machine for the task. The powerful engine provides exceptional pushing strength and downward hydraulic pressure to break up and scrape tough accumulations and heavy soil/debris. Our poultry farmers love the time and labor-saving features of Ventrac. A variety of quick-change attachments including scraping blades, power brooms, turbine blowers, tillers, hydraulic scoops, and many other accessories are available for you to choose from. The Ventrac system also accepts high-quality after-market commercial floor squeegee and bedding preparation attachments for your convenience.

Streamline Your West Virginia Farm Maintenance With Ventrac

Sunset Outdoor Supply Serves Customers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

Farm maintenance jobs are crucial for your farm operations, but they don’t have to consume most of your day, or your operational budget. Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply to discover how much more streamlined and efficient your farm operation can be. We offer complimentary on-site demonstrations of the Ventrac system, as well as general operational instruction, sales, and service throughout West Virginia. Visit our showroom in Morgantown, or contact our helpful staff members at: (304) 777-2194.