SnoWay Salt Spreaders Get the Job Done Fast

When you need the job done fast (and right), Sno-Way Snow and Ice Control Equipment has what you need to properly equip your crew. Whether you are clearing roads, major highways, lots, driveways, loading docks, walkways, malls, or other commercial areas, Sunset Outdoor Supply has the equipment necessary to help you stay ahead of snow and ice accumulation and keep your customers safe and happy. Call us at: (304) 777-2194.

Skid Steer Spreaders
Truck Spreaders
UTV Spreaders

Truck, UTV, and Skid Steer Salt Spreaders, Parts and Accessories

Truck Spreaders: Choose from Sno-Way’s four, six, or nine cubic feet tailgate salt spreaders with up to a 20′ spread for smaller applications, or the Revolution V-Box Spreader for your heaviest jobs. The Revolution easily spreads up to 2.5 yards of salt with a generous 30′ spread. All Sno-Way truck mounted spreaders are designed for easy installation and handling.

Skid Steer Spreaders: For prompt de-icing of the largest areas, consider a skid-steer spreader from Sno-Way. The attractive, low-profile design and available lighting kit, vibrator motor, and other accessories make clearing ice as simple as possible.

UTV Spreaders: Ideal for homeowners and professional light commercial users, Snow-Way’s line of UTV Spreaders are compact and easy for anyone to install and use. Simply attach to your UTV and clear the entire block within minutes in areas of up to 30′ at a time. Heavy-duty motors and a direct drive for the spinner help ensure that our customers get the most for their investments for many years.

Accessories: Are you looking for a specific accessory for your Snow-Way Spreader or Snow Plow? Call Sunset Outdoor Supply. We regularly stock all common accessories for the Snow-Ways systems, and can place a special order for you if the item you need is currently out-of-stock.

Salt Spreader Lights, Harness, Cover, Motor and Wetting System

Spreader Parts and Accessories

RVB Spreader Light Kit (illumination)
Tailgate Spreader Light Kit (illumination)
SWS Salt-Wetting System (reduces quantity of salt needed)
Jam Release Mechanism (no more digging out the hopper)
Spreader Auxiliary Power Harness (connect power without splicing wires)
Anti-Corrosion Compound (seals sensitive components from moisture, dirt, etc.)
Sno-Way® RVB Transport Brush Kit (helps prevent loss of fine materials like calcium chloride)
RS Controller (reduce waste and save time) *for Revolution Series V-Box Spreaders
Sno-Way ® RVB Series Cover (protection from precipitation)
Vibrator Motor Kit (ensures consistent flow to spinner) *for hoppers and receiver spreader spinners
2″ Nylon Ratchet Strap Kit (secures RVB spreader to your truck; 3,000 lb. working load)

Snow Plow Wings, Blade, Steel Edge, Poly Edge, and Plow Shoes

Snow Plow Parts and Accessories

Sno-Way EZ Switch Wing System (move more snow; available in 3” or 9” for model 29HD, 29VHD, 32C, 29HDSKD, 29VHDSKD, and 32CSKD; set of two quick-change wings)
EZ Fit Skin Insert Kit (poly blade insert for Revolution HD, 29HD, 29R and 26 Series)
EZ Fit Straight Blade Poly Snow Deflector (extreme curved blade attaches to straight blades 6 to 10 feet wide for maximum snow deflection)
3/8” Steel Cutting Edge (ultra heavy-duty; for 80” or 90” blades)
1/2” Steel Cutting Edge (maximum duty; for 29R, 29HD, and 26 Series blades)
Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit (most commonly required parts needed for field repairs)
Anti-Corrosion Compound (superior protection for electrical and sensitive components)
Steel Curb Guard (½” thick adjustable guard fits most blades)
4-Sight™ Plow Lighting Kit (maximize visibility by enhancing existing truck and plow lights)
Sno-Way Plow Parka (waterproof, non-fading fitted cover)
Plow Blade Guides (flexible, high visibility guides for inclement weather applications; 26” long and 1/2” diameter)
3/4″ Poly Cutting Edge (for snow removal from decorative pavers, cement driveways, and more sensitive, scratch-prone materials)
Plow Shoes (adjustable cast iron shoes keep blade properly spaced from ground to extend life)
High-Performance Snow Plow Hydraulic Oil (quart only; effective to -60F)
High Performance Touch-Up Spray Paint (protects chipped equipment from corrosion while looking great)

Low Prices on Heavy Duty SnoWay Snow Plows and Blades

Are you looking for a superior snow plow at a great price? Sunset Outdoor Supply has you covered. We carry the complete line of heavy duty residential and commercial-grade Sno-Way Snow Plows.


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