Sidewalk Snow Management

Efficient Snow Removal
for Sidewalks and Driveway Management

Blow, Brush, and Remove Snow While De-Icing!

Do you hate traditional winter property maintenance? We do, too! That’s why we proudly offer Ventrac’s complete snow and ice management system. Aside from handling all of your year-round property maintenance needs such as mowing and debris removal, a variety of quick-connect attachments are available to make snow blowing, brushing, and removal fast, simple, and satisfying. Attachments connect within seconds, and you can stay warm inside your tractor while eliminating the snow AND ice from your sidewalks in just one pass.

Powerful Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Solution

Ventrac manufactures the highest quality snow removal equipment for residential and commercial use. These powerful units are built to handle the demands of West Virginia winters with ease and efficiency. Their compact sidewalk-sized profile, maneuverability, and powerful engines make quick work of eliminating even the largest snow events. Fingertip controls are intuitively designed, and you can stay comfortable while you work. The all-wheel drive ensures maximum performance during all weather events. For uneven terrain, the oscillating, independent front and back frames enhance your safety by enabling better ground contact.

Easily Sweep, Plow, and Blow Away Heavy Snowfall With One Machine

For maximum snow moving power for heavier snowfalls, the Ventrac V-Blade plow clears snow by moving it away to the sides with hydraulically powered side wings. When winter’s worst accumulations arrive, blow 4,500 lbs. of snow per minute up to 40 feet away! Lighter and medium snowfalls are easily swept away with the Ventrac Power Broom, leaving a clean, snow-free surface.

Snow Management Equipment in Morgantown, WV

This tractor easily handles school, university, hospital, and commercial snow removal needs FAST. Ventrac is the trusted snow management equipment for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Topaz Property Service, and many other large-scale businesses, as well as property owners throughout the country. Contact Barry Frey at Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, for assistance choosing the ideal Ventrac system to meet your snow and ice control needs: (304) 777-2194.