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Tree farmers regard Ventrac’s versatile and compact tractor system as a vital tool for all routine nursery and grounds maintenance jobs. This powerful, compact “One Tractor Solution” is fully customizable to meet the needs of Christmas tree farmers, orchard operators, and other tree-growing professionals throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Over 30 quick-connect attachments are available, and mount within a minute without tools or heavy lifting. The Ventrac 3400 easily fits between tree rows, while its fully articulating and oscillating design allows for maximum maneuverability when moving between trees.

Safely Shield Your Trees and Branches While Mowing

Branch and trunk damage are virtually eliminated, as the system’s branch lifters gently raise up lower branches to hold them safely out of reach of the blades while mowing. Additionally, the tree shield kit holds back branches to keep them safely away from you and your equipment while you work. Grinding stumps in your rows is simplified with the quick, powerful, and compact grinding blade.

Ventrac’s Compact System Easily Mows, Clears Heavy Brush, & Removes Snow

With dozens of high-quality attachments to choose from, Ventrac offers precision performance for your tree farm’s specific needs throughout all seasons. Mowing, snow removal, heavy brush and small sapling clearing, trenching, stump grinding, debris removal, and many other tasks are fast and easy with the Ventrac system. It handles difficult terrain and hills with slopes up to 30 degrees with exceptional stability and traction. Attachments can be switched and mounted in less than a minute to help maximize on-site productivity.

“We can plant our trees in six and a half feet rows. [Ventrac] has been a great tool to be able to get into the trees . . . especially when they have the new, tender, growth on them, without doing any damage at all. I don’t know of any other tool that we could use to get in there and mow like that.”

-Roger Oberhouser
Owner & President, Woodridge Tree Farms

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Sunset Outdoor Supply is your dedicated Ventrac tree farm and nursery tractor and accessory attachment sales and service dealer in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Contact Barry Frey to learn more about the Ventrac system. To request an on-site demonstration, or place your order, please call: (304) 777-2194.