Boss UTV & ATV Spreaders

Sunset Outdoor Supply offers Boss UTV and ATV spreaders for all your home, commercial, and municipal deicing, rock salt, and anti-skid material applications. Browse our online product selection. Let us know what you’re interested in accomplishing with your outdoor property maintenance and we’ll work with you to help make it happen. We are pleased to serve homeowners, municipal and commercial contractors in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Boss UTV V-Box Salt Spreaders

The Boss UTV V-Box Spreader is an excellent piece of equipment. If you already use a UTV to clear your sidewalks, consider adding the rugged, corrosion-resistant Boss UTV-sized V-Box Spreader to your arsenal. Achieve the same results as a full-sized truck system with your easily maneuverable UTV system. This product makes quick work of clearing walking paths, trails, sidewalks and driveways for commercial, municipal, and academic applications. Take performance to the max with the V-Box’s 12 cubic foot capacity, 12” spinner, shaftless auger, and high-powered halogen work light.

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Sunset Outdoor Supply is the Tristate region’s best source for a high-quality selection of spreaders and all your outdoor property maintenance equipment needs. We serve customers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Contact us to enjoy incredible pricing and award-winning service. Call us at (304) 777-2194.


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