TORO Stand-on Lawn Mowers
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Are TORO lawn mowers good? Yes – they are the best! At Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, we only offer the best equipment for our customers. All of our landscaping, groundskeeping, and outdoor property maintenance equipment is made with pride in the USA and built to endure. Choose from the full TORO lineup at our shop. Sunset Outdoor Supply is your local factory-authorized TORO dealer serving West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania customers.

Exceptional Visibility

See your surroundings with a clear line of sight and avoid low hanging branches and obstacles with ease with a TORO Stand-on lawn mower. These professional-grade mowers help you get your jobs done faster so you can save time and money while delivering a crisp, clean finish. Choose foldable flexibility to save trailer space with TORO’s convertible models. Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply to learn more about these and many other options designed to take performance to the max, whether you are a homeowner or professional contractor.

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Serving West Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania

Sunset Outdoor Supply helps you restore order with superior equipment and award-winning service after the sale. Choose Sunset Outdoor Supply for exceptional TORO equipment sales, parts, repair service, and dedicated support. We proudly partner with home and business owners, municipal and state government purchasing agents to help you handle all your year-round groundskeeping, landscaping, and outdoor property maintenance needs efficiently. We work with you to help keep your equipment in top shape so you can get the most life out of your investment, too. Sunset Outdoor Supply is your local factory-authorized dealer, so you enjoy the same pricing as larger chain stores, but with Sunset’s own award-winning service after the sale. Stop by or contact us to learn more about delivery options or request assistance with placing your order. Give us a call (304) 777-2194.


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