SP720 Box Plow


The Box Plow is an efficient and high-capacity snow removal tool designed to quickly clear large amounts of snow. Its durability and design make it a popular choice for commercial snow removal contractors, enabling faster and more cost-effective snow-clearing operations.

The wings keep snow inside the box, reducing spillover and minimizing cleanup work. It is particularly effective for moving snow in wide-open spaces, allowing users to relocate and stack more significant amounts of snow, making cleanup a much faster process.

The Box Plow features a hardened steel cutting edge and has a trip edge feature, which allows the bottom edge of the plow to trip or lift slightly when encountering obstacles or uneven surfaces. This feature also helps prevent damage to the plow and to the surface underneath.

An optional Turf Edge Kit turns the Box Plow into a tool to remove accumulation on artificial turf athletic fields and golf greens and tees without the risk of damaging the playing surface.

Overall, using the Box Plow can lead to more productive and cost-effective snow clearing, making it a valuable tool for all snow removal professionals.

Specifications 39.55278
Sales Model SP720
Full Description SP, SP720 Box Snow Plow
Product Type Attachment
Overall Width 7738 in
Overall Length 4814 in
Overall Height 2614 in
Plow Clearing Width 72 in
Weight 410 lbs