Grounds maintenance professionals know the value of reducing or eliminating hand work and they appreciate premium results. This is what the Ventrac Ballpark Groomer brings to the table. Ventrac is the solution for efficient ball field maintenance that also elevates the image and quality of the facility.

While the Ballpark Groomer and Renovator are capable of properly taking care of all the infield needs, the advantages don’t stop there. Using the tractor’s versatility, grounds crews can hook up to other attachments and accomplish all of the other mowing, soil preparation, and cleanup needs at the facility. Ventrac is simply the best, most economical solution to maintaining a beautiful and functional ballpark.

Specifications 39.55285
Sales Model DR540
Full Description DR, DR540 GROOMER
Product Type Attachment
Overall Height 2614 in
Overall Length 19 in
Overall Length with Brush Kit 2312 in
Overall Length with Drag Kit 6912 in
Overall Width 6012 in
Overall Width with Brush Kit 7512 in
Overall Width with Drag Kit 73 in
Weight 315 lbs
Weight of Brush Kit 451 lbs
Weight of Drag Kit with Steel Drag 137 lbs
Weight of Steel Drag 86 lbs
Weight of Drag Kit with Coco Mat Dra 135 lbs
Weight of Coco Mat Drag 84 lbs
Number of Spikes 28