EF300 Leaf Plow


The Ventrac EF300 leaf plow is the fastest way to move deep layers of leaves. As the leaves pile up in the fall, they can often stack up faster than a blower can handle – this is where the Leaf Plow excels. This attachment is designed to save users hours and hours of painstaking leaf cleanup.

The Leaf Plow features a dual-stack of bristles allowing for a clean sweep without gouging the turf. With a height of 50″ and a 78″ overall width, this leaf plow collects a high volume of leaves in one pass. The flexible containment wings allow operation close to trees and other objects without worrying about damage to the property or the leaf plow. The Leaf Plow can mount on the front of the tractor for optimal visibility and maneuverability. It can also be mounted on the 3-point hitch at the rear of the tractor, allowing the use of a high-powered blower on the front PTO, making this the most efficient leaf removal combination ever.

Specifications 39.55205
Sales Model EF300
Full Description EF, EF300 Leaf Plow
Product Type Attachment
Overall Height 50 in
Working Width 78 in
Caster Wheels Adjustable
Edge 8 in Dual Bristle Stack