SnowEx Plows for Homeowners and Professional Contractors in , WV

Low Maintenance Plowing and Salt Spreaders With a Full Factory Warranty

Homeowners and professional snow maintenance contractors choose SnowEx snow plows at Sunset Outdoor Supply in Morgantown, WV, for the famous SnowEx reputation of consistently reliable operation and innovative features that solve many issues that have plagued plow operators for decades. SnowEx was founded by professional winter maintenance workers SPECIFICALLY to solve problems including inconvenient breakdowns and all-night jobs that should have been done in a few hours. SnowEx offers very low maintenance motor and transmission systems, and granular spreaders built to be effective without unnecessary equipment prone to failure. There are no chains, engines, sprockets, pulleys, or belts to malfunction in the middle of the night! SnowEx backs all of their equipment with a two-year parts and labor warranty –guaranteeing you one less thing to worry about.

SnowEx Heavy-Duty Straight Blade and Personal Use Snow Plows

SnowEx manufactures a complete line of straight blade plows for light, regular, and heavy-duty use. Models are available in sizes from 6’8” to 9’6” in length. With units designed from strong, lightweight steel to prevent exceeding your personal SUV or pick-up truck’s maximum weight capacity to heavy plows with angled ribs for maximum snow-moving power, you can find the ideal straight plow blade to meet your needs at Sunset Outdoor Supply.

Hinged, Skid Steer Power Pusher, and V-Blade Snow Plows by SnowEx

Speedwing™ auto-adjusting plows and Power Plow™ hydraulically controlled hinged snow plows by SnowEx ensure that your snow moving job is completed as efficiently as possibly by guiding the snow right where you want it. V-plow models are available with UTV mounts for removing snow from tight spaces (such as sidewalks) and in a massively sized 9”6” model for professional plowing applications. For maximum snow moving capabilities, consider the Power Pusher™ heavy-duty box plow, heavy-duty straight blade, or Speedwing™ for use with your skid steer.

A Tough Hydraulic V-Plow for Your One-Ton Truck

Serious snow movers with ¾ and one-ton trucks have several options to choose from, including the SnowEx HDV™ V-Plow. This tough snow plow can handle your plowing needs with ease and efficiency. Complete with trip-edge protection, double-acting angle cylinders, snow catchers, an adjustable center cutting edge, and a powerful hydraulic lifting system, this stable model also attaches easily and comes with an easily operable backlit hand-held control system.

Choose SnowEx for Your Commercial Snow Plow Fleet

If you operate a fleet, SnowEx is the ideal choice for your commercial plowing business. Their Fleet Flex electrical connection system makes changing out your plows from truck to truck simple and convenient, enabling all SnowEx plows to be used on all of your trucks. Additionally, the Automatixx® plow attachment system enables all connections to be made from one side of your truck.

Sunset Outdoor Supply serves the snow plowing and ice control needs of homeowners and professional commercial operators throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Contact Barry Frey and staff at Sunset Outdoor Supply to learn more about our high-quality products, or to place your order: (304) 777-2194.