V-Pro™ SP-2000

The V-Pro SP-2000 spreader is specifically designed to accommodate the bed lengths and weight restrictions of most UTVs. Shorter and lighter than standard truck spreaders, this spreader lets you easily address applications where only a UTV can typically go, such as sidewalks, bike paths and driveways.

The unique independent spinner/auger control allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between the spinner and auger. This innovation makes the spreader very easy to use and maximizes material usage on the job.

  • Compact, independent weather-tight patented motor transmission.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction, providing maximum torque.
  • Quietly delivers power to the auger for controlled, positive feed of material.
Empty Weight 280 lb
Overall Length 64″
Overall Height 27″
Overall Width 48.5″
Floor Length 45″
Floor Width 34″
Hopper Length 53″
Hopper Width 48.5″