V-Pro™ SP-3000/SP-6000

The V-Pro™ SP-3000 and SP-6000 sand and salt spreaders provide a more compact alternative to the V-Maxx™ Series, reducing the amount of weight added to your pickup. However, these units still pack a punch – delivering many of the unique features of our larger models, helping to reduce maintenance costs and avoid material waste.

The unique independent spinner/auger control allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between the spinner and auger. This innovation makes the spreaders very easy to use and maximizes material usage on the job.

  • Compact, independent weather-tight patented motor transmission.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction, providing maximum torque. 
  • Quietly delivers power to the auger for controlled, positive feed of material.
SP-3000 SP-6000
Empty Weight 386 lb 416 lb
Overall Length 77″ 77″
Overall Height 27″ 36″
Overall Width 48½” 48½”
Floor Length 58″ 58″
Floor Width 34″ 44″
Hopper Length 66″ 66″
Hopper Width 48½” 48½”