Available in sizes from 6′ 8″ to 7′ 6″– Sno-Way® 26SKD Straight Series Snow Plows provide efficient snow rolling and world-class durability. Simple, fast and reliable, SKD Straight Plows are built for either personal use or commercial snow plowing applications. If you are a snowplowing contractor the 26SKD is a piece of snow removal equipment you don’t want to be without.

Model 26SKD-6′-8″ 26SKD-7′-6″
Blade Width 80″ 90″
Blade Height 26″ 26
Weight Steel 540lbs. 605lbs.
Shock Killer Standard Standard
Hydraulic Hoses 2 2
A-Frame Float Linkage Standard Standard
Plow Shoes Optional (2) Optional (2)
Control Activation Single Switch
Attachment Plate Universal Universal
Complete plow weight (pounds) includes weight of attachment plate.