Fayette County, PA

Fayette County, PA Landscaping
& Snow Removal Equipment

Boss Snow Plow & Ventrac Tractor Dealer
in Uniontown & Connellsville, PA

Sunset Outdoor Supply sells landscaping, groundskeeping, and snow removal equipment that you can rely on for dependability and a long service life. Our valued residential and commercial groundskeepers and property owners throughout Fayette County, PA, have trusted us to provide exceptional quality tractors manufactured by Ventrac, heavy-duty Boss snow plows, and other durable machinery to simplify yard and property maintenance so more work gets done in much less time. The efficiency level of the products that we carry is phenomenal. We would love to come to your location in Connellsville, Uniontown, and the surrounding areas to provide a complimentary demonstration to show you exactly how efficient and effective our products are. It is truly remarkable.

Ventrac Tractor Dealer Serving Fayette County, PA

Sunset Outdoor Supply offers the ultimate solution for all of your land management needs in Fayette County, PA. We are your authorized local Ventrac tractor dealer. Ventrac is known as the “One Tractor Solution” for good reason. It is the #1 multi-use tractor in the United States. With dozens of superior-quality attachments that connect and disconnect easily, this tractor is in a league of its own. No other tractor does everything that the Ventrac does. From mowing steep slopes and aerating acres of land with maximum efficiency to blowing leaves, removing ice and snow, trenching, tilling, and much more, this system makes property and lawn maintenance a breeze.

24 Hour Tractor, Mower, & Plow Repair in Connellsville & Uniontown PA

Whether you are a professional contractor, property manager, or homeowner, Sunset Outdoor Supply is pleased to provide 24-hour emergency repair services for the tractors, plows, and mowers that we sell in Uniontown, Connellsville, and surrounding areas in PA. Our experienced technicians also offer full-service professional maintenance and repairs for several major brands of tractors. You can count on our support.

Fayette County, PA Tractors and Outdoor Supplies

Sunset Outdoor Supply is the leading independent tractor and outdoor supply equipment dealer in Pennsylvania. We know our equipment well, and are dedicated to assisting our valued customers any way we can. If you have questions, would like to place an order, or request a service in Fayette County, PA, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact Sunset Outdoor Supply at: (304) 777-2194.