Golf Courses

Ventrac: Your Comprehensive
Golf Course Landscaping Solution

Mowing & Grounds Maintenance Tractor Designed for Difficult Terrain

If you manage the grounds of a golf course of any size, Ventrac should be in your equipment shed. With multiple high-quality commercial grade attachments to handle your comprehensive turf control needs, this system will save valuable time, and increase the aesthetic appeal of your grounds. Ventrac is the only system specifically designed to safely handle a wide variety of landscaping tasks (including mowing, aeration, re-seeding, and much more) on steep slopes, inclines, and hilly terrain. This tractor was specifically designed to handle the challenges of maintaining the difficult, rolling terrain of various textures and moisture levels found on golf courses. Ventrac is your complete grounds maintenance and mowing solution!

Professional Fairway Finish With the Golf Course Contour Mower

The benefits of Ventrac for your complete golf course maintenance needs are exceptional. The Ventrac 84” Contour Mower follows the lay of the land with its three independent decks that float down into dips and over slopes for an even finish all around. You get a professional fairway finish at a pleasant price. The Ventrac 4500 is a center articulating and oscillating tractor, with dual wheels, AWD performance, and a stable platform that enables your staff to achieve superior results with less man-hours.

Reduce Turf Damage With the Tractor Specifically Designed for Golf Courses

Turf damage and disturbance are reduced via the large flotation tires, light footprint, superior ground contact, exceptional maneuverability, and advanced agility. Don’t trust your valuable golf course to any other equipment. Ventrac was designed to meet your specific needs.

Choose the Gold Standard for Golf Course Maintenance

This one tractor solution saves storage space. With over 30 sturdy quick-connect attachments available, you are able to reduce labor and machine maintenance costs, as well as downtime. Damage and scalping are also virtually eliminated due to the versatile design of the Ventrac system. Ventrac is the gold standard for golf course maintenance. Quality, safety, and powerful capability are the traits that Ventrac brings to your course. Our fleets are in use on the finest and most prestigious golf courses around the country. Choose exceptional performance and impeccable results. These are par for the course when you select the Ventrac System.

Request a FREE Ventrac Demonstration

Sunset Outdoor Supply proudly offers Ventrac for customers throughout West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We are located in Morgantown, and would be happy to bring a Ventrac system to your golf course to provide a complementary demonstration to show you what Ventrac can do for you, the aesthetics of your golf course, and your bottom line. Contact Barry Frey to schedule an appointment or place an order: (304) 777-2194.